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Winter a good time to visit Florence and enjoy the city's museums and churches in tranquillity. All over Tuscany, town squares are filled with the aroma of roasting chestnuts. The festival of the olio nuovo, the new fresh extravirgin olive oil, is a great opportunity to taste and buy Tuscan olive oil.

Capodanno Fiorentino

Until 1750, March 25th was the beginning of the new year in Florence. Today, in the piazza of the church of Santa Annunziata, stalls selling sweets, cakes, flowers and much more.

Calcio storico fiorentino
Florence's traditional version of football is revived on the feast day of Florence's patron saint, St John the Baptist (24 June). Four teams from the city's four districts compete in the tournament. Before the match, there's a procession with music, flag-throwers, soldiers in costume, artisans and artists. The match lasts 50 minutes and it's a very rough-and-tumble, a bit like a mixture of rugby, American football, Greek and Roman wrestling.

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